Annalee Doran


Branding, Logo Design, Illustration

Software Used



Annalee is a baker who creates custom hand-crafted cookies for the Rhode Island/Massachusetts area. I developed a logo for her that focuses on her Instagram page, her main point of contact with clients. It was important to create an icon that would depict the quality and style of baking that Annalee’s clients expect to receive. The combination of the A, piping bag, and botanical element provides a fresh and creative feel while also giving an insight into her personality. The bold script font paired with the thin sans-serif typeface of the tagline is creative while still being clean.

Annalee, a self-professed cat lady, wished to give her box-set clients a little something extra, and thus the Cat Cookie sticker was born. The sticker mimics a decoration style found in many of Annalee’s cookie sets.